Weekend Recap

I contrived, somehow, to get a cat hair between the layers of clear nail enamel that I put on my thumbnail. I didn’t notice it until much later when I was under brighter lights. Aside from removing all the enamel and redoing it, there’s no way to get the hair out. I’m interested to see how long I’ll be able to stand seeing it there and being helpless to do anything about it. It doesn’t *quite* haunt my dreams, but I do catch myself looking at it now and then, waiting to see if it shows any sign of coming loose in any way. 

It’s that kind of a day. 

The weekend was productive and busy. I succeeded in making headway on several projects that have been hanging over my head, but it sadly came at the expense of writing a post on either Saturday or Sunday. I did, however, manage to grind out about a third of a new script, so that feels like progress. 

It was a weekend of high energy and reasonably good focus, but I seem to be paying for it now. I’m suddenly so tired I can barely keep my eyes open and my body aches. It feels like it might be weather related- a pressure headache, a sense of weariness and just wanting to hibernate… It’s a feeling I used to get a lot in Chicago, but have largely been of it in Los Angeles. Until right this second, anyway. Even Starbucks coffee wasn’t strong enough to help. A nap would be so good right now.

I spent the weekend at home, blissfully refusing to leave the house except to go running each day. Working such long days during the week means that weekends get filled with a backlog of errands and housekeeping. Errands, in particular, are major time and energy drains: it’s the introvert in me. I make an effort to force myself out and about- to join writer’s groups and take workshops and set visits with friends, but truthfully, staying in is my kind of heaven. I tuned in and out of the Academy Awards, missing the big upset for Best Picture and having to rewind it. Really, between the World Series, the Election, the Superbowl and the Academy Awards we ought to be used to last minute twists by now. It’s as though life got a new writing staff that just can’t help but turn everything into a YOU WON’T BELIEVE WHAT HAPPENS NEXT SURPRISE ENDING!!!!  Maybe we’re falling behind in the ratings now that they’ve run out of favorite characters to kill off. 

I’m planning on giving up Facebook for Lent. On Wednesday I’ll delete the app off my phone and log myself out of any of the browsers on my computers. I’m interested to see how long I’ll last and/or how much more productive I might be without the distraction of it. I’m a lurker: I don’t post, I just surf. 

And surf. 

And surf. 

So if nothing else I’m hoping it will give me a chance to reorient myself on appropriate levels of social media consumption. And maybe more time to compose more thoughtful blog posts. 

A girl can dream.

~ by Gwydhar Gebien on February 27, 2017.

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