I’m fine- why do you ask?

I eventually concluded that I was hearing the sound of water dripping from the faucet in the bathroom sink. This was after I cracked awake in a panic, just before the morning alarm, at an unfamiliar sound in the house. I’ve become very sensitive to the sounds of the house lately because I’ve been writing a series of thriller scenes involving an intruder breaking into someone’s house, and there’s a small part of myself that keeps going: “OMG IT’S REAL LIFE!!!!” 

But, no, it was just a dripping faucet. And not the only one: later in the evening I was cleaning the kitchen and I skidded on the tiles while crossing the floor to throw away some scraps. I thought it was just because the traction that had worn off the bottoms of my heels, then I looked down and realized water was pooling on the floor in front of the cabinets. Something under the sink had leaked spilling water over everything, necessitating an impromptu cabinet clean out to dry everything off. Wherever the water had come from (I suspect the u-bend) it wasn’t leaking anymore, so I put everything back with cautious optimism. 

Among the contents of the under-sink cabinet was a cardboard box of mason jars. I cleaned the jars but decided the box wasn’t worth saving. As I took it out to the trash, I could hear a pitter-pat of droplets somewhere behind the bougainvillea shrub. Returning from tyre recycling bin I crouched to inspect the garden hose, thinking that it might’ve been used by the landlady and maybe not been fully turned off. The hose and all its connectors seemed to be dry. The dripping seemed to be coming from some kind of release in the pipe just before it ran into the house. I called the Curmudgeonly Lion over to look at it and we fussed over the hose and the shutoff valves to no apparent change. The dripping seemed to stop on its own – perhaps just a buildup of pressure from whatever it was that had caused the kitchen sink to leak. Who knows.

I sometimes think that I am h haunted by a particularly water obsessed poltergeist (a wassergeist?) that manifests when I’m under pressure. The last time we had all these plumbing problems was when I was getting into knots over whether I would find a job. Now I’m considering my next steps and everything is dripping again. It’s probably just coincidence, but if I ever get really upset and a toilet explodes or something I’ll be able to say that I called it. You know… Just be warned. 


~ by Gwydhar Gebien on March 2, 2017.

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