Out of Whack

When the weeds in the front yard reached chest height, and it was clear that we had become That House with the overgrown yard, we gave in and bought a weed whacker. For about a hour on Saturday we did nothing but clear the verge between the sidewalk and the road. In some places the ground ivy had grown so tall and sturdy that it was necessary to cut through the thumb- thick stalks with pruning clippers.  We probably would have kept going with our outdoor maintenance if the weed whacker had not run out of whack. The original spool of filament proved to last only long enough to bring the front yard into some semblance of suburbia before calling it quits the remainder of the weekend. 

Granted, we did make it to the hardware store on Sunday, to purchase more filament, but then spent the rest of the afternoon inn the waiting room of an animal hospital trying to get a second opinion on the cat’s tumor- a task which we thought would take maybe an hour. We went, figuring we would be back in time for lunch. We brought the bottle of his prescription to show the vet, but didn’t bother to bring the applicator- because surely we would be home by the time we needed to administer it.


After two hours of waiting- with the cat alone somewhere in the back while we sat anxiously I the waiting room we asked if we could be allowed to, you know, wait with our cat? It took two requests and another thirty minutes before anybody brought him out, the carrier covered in a towel because he’d, unsurprisingly, been hissing at anybody who came close. After three hours of waiting we called Steadfast and Bean to bring provisions. They brought the blessed gift of pizza which we took turns going outside to eat since we had been assured that we were next to be seen and were sure we would be called any minute. 

After four hours we gave up and went to a different animal hospital a couple miles up the road where we were in and out in under forty minutes- fifteen to twenty of which were spent actually talking to a doctor. The second opinion, regrettably, confirmed the first. It just would have been nice if we could have gotten that news in under five hours.

By the time we were done at the vet, I had to go straight to my writers’ group, although many of the notes failed to make much impact. I dutifully wrote them down in the hopes that I’d be able to circle back once my head clears. 

I’m still waiting.

The next day, a head cold knocked me backwards for two days. I hate being sick. It doesn’t happen often. It’s probably my body’s way of forcing me to slow down- I certainly appreciated having a guilt free reason to lie on the couch with the cats all day without feeling like I should have been doing anything else. It’s not like I could have been doing anything else

~ by Gwydhar Gebien on March 23, 2017.

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