Second Wringing

And here’s a bowl of lemons.

So I wrote this whole long post about trying to get back into good habits of writing and about deadlines and inspiration. Then I thought: “Hey, let’s add a picture, readers love pictures”. I didn’t have a particular picture in mind, I figured I’d just add one from my gallery, but when I did, the picture failed to load and the entire post was gone. 

Ok, well, not the entire post- all the keywords and excerpts and categories were still there, there was just no title and no, you know, writing. I mean, I’m not really sorry about the writing itself being gone- it’s not like it was my most inspired post to date. In fact it was one of those sorry-that-this-post-is-so-uninspired posts, but that kind of makes it worse because I was already winging my brain for enough inspiration just to write one post and now I have to scrape the bottom for a second attempt. 

On the plus side, I now have something to write about. On the down side, it is very quickly turning into the most meta version of navel gazing: writing, uninspired, about the lost thing I wrote about while uninspired. How very second-hand. 

Anyway, at the risk of having to do this a second time, I’d better get this posted before it too disappears in the ether of technology. Sorry if it sucks. ( Not sorry.)

~ by Gwydhar Gebien on April 6, 2017.

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