Trash Art

Look, I can be artsy too.

I happened to glance into the trash can I’d tossed my banana peel and I discovered that it had a strangely pleasing aesthetic to it. So I took a photo. Because in this day and age, taking a picture of the trash is not the strangest thing that I could do and still be considered normal. 

It looks like the kind of photograph that would be printed in high contrast black and white at about sixty inches wide and would be the centerpiece of some rich uppity-ups New York penthouse loft. Because there’s no halfway with trash photography- it’s not the kind of thing that would be sold at Hobby Lobby. Unless it was a banana peel in Paris or something. 

The critics would call it a “moving study in our relationship with consumer culture and our own dilemmas mortality.” Or “a feminist commetary on the emasculated man and the perils of toxic masculinity.” Or “a meditation on the death of innocence as represented by the banana peel- a traditional symbol of comedy.” Or something. I’m sure it would be much more meaningful than “hey, that looks cool.” 

At any rate, you’re seeing it here first. For free. Look how cultured we’re becoming.

~ by Gwydhar Gebien on April 11, 2017.

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