OMG Facebook.

I’ve been away from it for forty days of Lent but it doesn’t seem like I missed much: the same old outrage is right where I left it. It’s a little bit disappointing: I’d hoped that by getting away from it for a while I’d be able to return to it with fresh appreciation for the connection and insight it gives me into the lives of my friends, but mostly I found myself disappointed that it was all the same old arguments and clickbait. Maybe it really is time to hang up the profile. I mean, in the last forty days I’ve gotten a full time job, celebrated the Curmudgeonly Lion getting a new job, written a feature length script, lost a cat, and gained a nephew, so it’s not exactly like life stopped because I was disconnected from social media.

The nephew, of course, is the newest news: my sister Bean delivered her baby yesterday, hitting her target due date on the bullseye.  It’s a boy, obviously, as ‘nephew’ implies, whom I referred to all through the pregnancy as ‘Nugget’,  so I shall continue to call him that for the sake of online privacy. Nugget sounds cute and plump and little, but our Nugget weighed in at eight pounds and eight ounces and came out twenty two inches long. So he was born long and tall.  I haven’t held him yet: the first day he was in the neonatal ICU for some meconium (aspiration?) that the doctors wanted to keep an eye on, but he’s doing well. I’m sure I’ll have plenty of time to hold him once Bean-mom needs a babysitter in order to get some sleep. 

So it was an exciting weekend and the start to a new chapter in life. With so many changes lately it feels like we’ve barely been able to gather our wits so it was good to just have family around to share Easter with and to enjoy the here and now. 

~ by Gwydhar Gebien on April 16, 2017.

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