Drive In

I drove in to work today instead of taking the bus and traffic was tolerable so I arrived at the office with about an hour to spare. Not gonna lie: I was going to spend the time on Facebook, except that visor parking is in the basement and there isn’t enough signal to log in. So I’m being productive instead. 

Now that I don’t carpool home with the Curmudgeonly Lion, my evening commute takes an extra twenty to thirty minutes. Normally this with be fine, but tonight is the one night when nearly the whole family will be in town and I’m anxious to get to Bean-mom’s place quickly after work to meet everybody for dinner. Driving seemed appropriate. It wasn’t my first instinct, however. I really had forgotten that driving was an option because is gotten so used to the idea of taking the bus.

So here I am an hour early. 

Tonight will be a combination birthday celebration for Nugget and my sister Filbert who now share a birthday. There is plenty to be celebrating these days, but unfortunately a working phone isn’t one of them: the screen keeps blanking pot between every third words. So I’m going to cut this short until it feels more cooperative. 


~ by Gwydhar Gebien on April 18, 2017.

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