A little over a week ago, our hot water heater broke down and the pilot light refused to stay lit. At the same time that we discovered this, we also found five or six carcasses of thumb sized palmetto bugs. We left them there for the landlady to find as well and she arranged for pest control to come out and spray inside the house. ( previously, we had a barrier sprayed around the outside of the house, but clearly we were due for an escalation). 

The bug guy came out yesterday and sprayed, exhausting his entire canister of pesticide in the process, so I feel comfortable saying that a sufficient escalation was made in pest defense. In reaction to this, however, the palmetto army has laid seige to the house. The back sidewalk is now littered with the bodies of the invaders. Everywhere I turn I’m discovering another one: in the cupboard over the stove, on the carpet beside the bed, under the washer, in the nook beside the bathroom sink, being stalked by the cat… And, of course, two in the cupboard with the water heater. 

Counter intuitively, I feel confident that this is a good sign that the spray is working since it is forcing the invaders out of their usual hiding places, but dispatching carcasses is becoming a full time job, so I’m looking forward to when the insect armies decide that our house is not the hill they want to die on and retreat back out into nature. 

In the meantime, I find myself glancing nervously into every corner waiting for the next ambush. 


~ by Gwydhar Gebien on April 23, 2017.

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