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I haven’t posted on a few days due to an ongoing struggle with the phone’s malfunctioning screen. Yesterday morning I could barely manage to get it working long enough to learn if the Curmudgeonly Lion had made it safely to work. By the time I myself made it to the office, it was so bad that I gave up and emailed him from my work account. ( For us, married life is an endless series of texts saying: “Made it” / “OK”. )

Sure, I  could write a post in the evening on my computer, but frankly by the time I get home and eat and finally make it to my desk I’d rather use the time for working on scripts. In typical feast-or-famine style, I’m now working on three at once. A month or so ago I was lamenting that I wasn’t doing any creative writing at all. Having a faulty phone has proven helpful I this pursuit since I’m less tempted to spend my time playing games or surfing Facebook. Facebook in particular seems to make the malfunction worse: I allow myself to struggle with it for a portion of my commute each way and then force myself to log out and shut down and work on writing with the good old fashioned pen and legal pad. I hate to be an old coot, but sometimes technology just isn’t that wonderful. 

That said, I finally bit the proverbial bullet and graduated to the professional script writing software. I only got to play around with it for about seven minutes, but already I can see that out has way more clicks and buzzers than anything I’ve used before. I feel like I’ve sat down at some kind of writerly command center from which I expect to launch a Mars expedition, when I’m used to sitting on a lawn chair in the back yard with a lighter and a long fuse trying to set off bottle rockets.  I doubt that software alone can make a professional writer out of me, but now I can’t let technology be the thing that prevents me from making a professional out of myself. 

I’m not a professional yet. I looked it up. Several of these projects are collaborations and for the sake of everybody’s sanity we decided it was wise to have a collaboration agreement in place before putting words to paper and I had to look up the definition of professional writer as defined by the WGA. No matter.

Well the screen is blacking out again so I guess I’ve reached my limit.

~ by Gwydhar Gebien on April 27, 2017.

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