It was a quiet day at work so I have a little bit of time to try and write (and to fuss with my phone as necessary). Frankly, I need the distraction: my office mate has had a cold for the past two weeks and keeps sniffling congestedly. On the one hand I know that when you’re sick there’s not much you can do but sniffle: you’re just trying to breathe. On the other hand, the one that keeps curling into a fist and I keep forcing myself to sit on, lest I actually throw the punch that my impulses tell me would be so worth it, it’s like sharing an office with someone who slurps loudly several times every minute. And we’ve already established how well I handle that. 
But at least it’s Friday, right? 

The weekend promises to be a laid back one… I hope: I certainly need some quiet time to transcribe the notes I’ve been making for myself of late. It’s been a good week for using my commute productively, but until I actually get these notes typed up, I can’t cross anything off my list. Saturday will be punctuated with a trip to the airport to drop off my Mom after her extended visit with Bean as the Nugget. The Nugget also has a strange breathing pattern and will sometimes ‘chirp’ in his sleep like a smoke detector with a low battery. But he’s little, so it’s cute. And I’m not trapped in an office with him all day. And it’s not wet and slurpy sounding. 

And by Monday it will be May. Where the hell does the time go? I mean, it was a full and productive month, but it just started five minutes ago… Didn’t it? Ugh. The rate this year is slipping past me…

Anyway, I suppose that is all for now. My next post will come from my new, hopefully glitch-free phone. It arrived in the mail today and I’ll be firing it up tonight when I get home. Won’t that be nice.

~ by Gwydhar Gebien on April 28, 2017.

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