Breaking Routine

Ahhh- a new phone. I’m still getting the hang of the thing, but the relief of knowing that the screen isn’t going to spontaneously black out on me is a relief. So now I hope to get back to my previous routines of writing posts on the morning commute. 

It was a productive weekend spent mostly in running errands and working on writing- the latter taking place often into the late hours of the night, which I will no doubt be paying for later. It does feel good, though, to get into such a flow that I lose track of time.  The coming week promises to be an extraordinary one- which is to say it is likely to be a week outside the ordinary (whether good or bad remains to be seen). The Curmudgeonly Lion, having become adept at the morning shift duties at his new job, is now beginning training on the late shift duties, which means starting the working day at three in the afternoon and working until midnight. He has two of these late shift days, two traditional nine-to-five days and one early shift, all in the same week. So it’ll be a bit of a ride to keep track of which day and which schedule we’re on. 

On the plus side, if anybody were trying to track our routines in order to case our house will have to start all over.

It also means I’ll have a few evenings of fending for myself: bachelorette nights, so to speak, but with less drinking and strippers. Probably. I mean, I joke about it, but I have to face it: even I need adult supervision lest I resort to eating macaroni and cheese out of the pot and staying up until the wee hours writing. If things get really out of hand, I might also do some vacuuming. It’s a wild life I lead. 

Am I strange for loving it, though? I joke about it, but I don’t feel particularly conflicted about it. I mean it’s always the punchline of the growing-up jokes when you’d rather stay in and do responsible things than go on a wild night on the town, but I’m choosing to stay in because that’s actually what I’d prefer to do with my free time. Going out usually isn’t fun enough to be worth the work… At least, not on a Monday night. But then I guess that’s just the difference between introverts and extroverts: for extroverts, it doesn’t feel like work at all. 

So that’s my week ahead. We’ll see how I muddle through. 

~ by Gwydhar Gebien on May 1, 2017.

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