Down in the Heels

I’m about an inch away from wearing the heels of my boots down to flats. When I bought them, they had three inch heels- a little bit chunky, easy to walk in but still with some lift. Not that I needed the extra height, I just like wearing heels. It’s been a year and five months (I got them right after New Year’s, that’s the only reason I remember) and now they’re falling to pieces. I’ve reglued the soles twice, but I can still stick my finger through the toe of one boot and see it come out the other side. I’ve replaced the insoles so many times that I finally gave up and just started wearing two pairs of socks. I wore the heels down to such extreme angles with my pronating left foot and expronating right foot that I was at risk to begin walking in circles and finally asked the Curmudgeonly Lion to grind them back down to level on his belt sander. 

So it’s probably time for new shoes. 

It’s so easy to lament American materialism and our mentality of disposable consumption, but it’s not like we’re making stuff that lasts. These boots weren’t cheap- the whole reason that I got them was to avoid having to buy shoes for as long as possible. And granted, I am pretty hard on my shoes- walking a lot on all kinds of surfaces in all kinds of weather with wide, flat, pronating/ex-pronating tendencies. But still, I’m disappointed. 


~ by Gwydhar Gebien on May 12, 2017.

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