Off Route

The woman’s presence preceded her in the form of a wafting body odor that encompassed the or four seats on either side of herself. Not satisfied with this, she would also, at irregular intervals, loudly denounce race relations in America, declaim her personal right to self expression, and praise the Lord Jesus to anybody who would listen, directed towards no one in particular. Everybody in the vicinity made a concerted, mouth-breathing attempt to ignore her. This took some effort- so much effort that I failed to recognize the landmarks leading to my bus stop and, too late, realized that I would have to get off at the next one. 

Due to a quirk of the bus route, this was not actually a detour: I could still catch my regular connection without needing to backtrack. But once again, I found myself out of sync with my morning commute in spite of making a concerted effort to get out the door earlier. The next connecting bus wasn’t due for another thirty minutes, which I used poorly by surfing Facebook full of news headlines that weren’t new and opinions I didn’t care enough about to click on. 

It’s not exactly like I was wasting time: I didn’t have anything else in mind to  accomplish. Plenty to do, nothing to prioritize. 

~ by Gwydhar Gebien on May 17, 2017.

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