I was suddenly overcome by the need to go for a run. I was closing in on a Bad Mood that I couldn’t quite blame on any one thing: I just knew that everything was annoying me and I needed to go burn off some energy with physical activity before I bit somebody’s had off. And I needed it enough that it was worth slathering my entire body in sunscreen to venture out into the bright midday sun. 

The trouble was, it wasn’t just sunny, it was hot. I chose the wrong day to test my heat tolerance. It turns out that I don’t have much. After about five minutes my mouth was dry and I thought I was going to burn up into a dried husk in the sun, 70 spf notwithstanding. For reasons that I still can’t quite justify, I also decided that was the day to go a little extra distance adding an extra mile onto my route. 

On the plus side, by the time I got home I was so wrung out that I didn’t have any energy left for bad moods. I didn’t have energy left for anything. 

Today, by contrast, I went out running in the rain with my nephew, certain that the run was going to kill me. Not because of the rain, but rather because I was trying to keep pace with a sixteen year old athlete who plays hockey and runs track. I was reasonably certain that my once-a-week workouts were not likely to give me a competitive edge. I kept up pretty well for an out of shape lady- although I’m pretty sure he was being kind and setting a moderate pace. I didn’t need to stop and walk at all.

At any rate, I need to find a way to get out running more often. 

~ by Gwydhar Gebien on May 23, 2017.

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