Tiger Bomb

Yep. That’s about what it feels like.

I’m more than a little bit relieved to be getting back to work. The past week was spent on the road, visiting family. It was a good trip, but the entire week seemed to blur into one long day that was about fourteen days long. I lost all sense of time and date, eating poorly, staying up until all hours of the night, and slipping into a coma like sleep every day in the mid afternoon. I blamed this on the weather, having become unaccustomed to the pressures of a rainy climate. 

Somewhere between sleeping in the car, sleeping on the plane, and carrying overloaded luggage bags, I managed to put out my neck. We made it back to our house and collapsed onto the bed. I set an alarm which I managed to silence without ever hearing it go off only to wake up an hour later unable to move as pain radiated down my shoulders and back. 

“Can you Tiger Bomb me?” I begged the Curmudgeonly Lion, referring to the jar of Tiger Balm that he’d purchased in order to treat his shinsplints. This was a greasy, waxy substance that smelled like the illegitimate offspring of eucalyptus and cloves. It didn’t feel like anything when it went on, but quickly heated up in some kind of warming chemical reaction that turned my skin red as a sunburn while I lay face down on the bed struggling to relax my tensing muscles. 

I’m unclear whether it was the tiger balm, the ice packs, the ibuprophen, or the attempts at rest that made a difference, but I managed to pull myself together enough to think that I might make it through the day upright today. I pasted a heating pack across my shoulders for the day in the hopes that this will help keep my posture from wilting too much. Hopefully it is on the mend. 

~ by Gwydhar Gebien on May 30, 2017.

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