Weekend In

The strings of outdoor hanging lights were on sale so we bought four. The only light on the side patio consisted of a single glaring spotlight that did an adequate job of filling the patio with light if you didn’t mind feeling like you were trying to casually visit with friends and neighbors in an interrogation chamber. So we spent a portion of the afternoon installing the new lights along the side of the house and tested the new lighting setup after it got dark. Suddenly the patio was transformed into an ambient visiting place. I, for one, could not be more pleased with the results. 
This seemed to be the theme of the weekend: small domestic projects paying off in satisfying ways. We made pizzas from scratch and watched John Hughes movies with the sound turned down. We (well, the Curmudgeonly Lion) dug up a broken segment of the sprinkler irrigation to make way for a new storage shed. We took the van to the car wash for a much needed scrub down. We went looking for a bankand instead found an Italian deli that might be our new favorite place: Just walking in the door was to walk through a curtain of garlic-and-oregano aroma that made me never want to leave. 

We even managed to make it out for a bike ride- almost seven miles round trip. I could feel the ache in my legs within the first mile. It’s been ages since I rode a bike. The Curmudgeonly Lion put me to shame once he decided to open up the speed on the bike trail, but it was fun to get to go riding with him.  

We’d hoped to try to catch a screening of Wonder Woman, but the matinee we wanted to see was sold out nearly an hour in advance which foiled our plans. Instead we went to Target and picked up a blue ray of “Rogue One” and watched it at home while eating dinner. 

So it was a low key weekend, but a good chance to recharge and just enjoy being close to home. Not all adventures have to be big ones. 


~ by Gwydhar Gebien on June 12, 2017.

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