Movie Buff

It turns out that going to see “Wonder Woman” at the theatre and then later trying to go for a run is a good way to force yourself to reexamine the pitfalls of your sedentary lifestyle. I’m no Amazon warrior, alas. Heck, I’m sore from just working in the garden for an hour. I need to find some way to be more physically active on a day to day basis. 

On the other hand, the Dolby fancypants recliner theatre was, I think, worth the extra four bucks. Blacker blacks! Moving three dimensional sound! Floor to ceiling screens! Electric recliners with a whole command center of controls to tip, lift, recline, reset, and (possibly?) eject. “Does it vibrate?” The Curmudgeonly Lion wanted to know. There wasn’t a button for that, but there didn’t need to be: any time the subwoofer came on there was a noticeable tremble radiating up from below. Battle scenes took on a strange subtext of arousal that probably wasn’t intentional… Probably… Although I suppose that IS one way to get butts into seats and might explain the relative popularity of Michael Bay films. (If the trailer for the new Transformers movie was any indication.)

So it was a fun day at the movies, but that seemed to be the only major thing that I managed to accomplish: weed the flowerbed, watch “Wonder Woman”, go for a run, do some laundry. Better luck tomorrow.

~ by Gwydhar Gebien on June 17, 2017.

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