There is an uneasy mood that has been settling over me on and off all weekend. I can’t quite explain how it feels or why it is happening or where it is coming from, only that I will periodically find myself so distracted by the static in my mind that everything else feels overwhelming. Consequently, I didn’t manage to accomplish very much. 

On Saturday, I broke out the sewing machine in a rare moment of proactivity. I finally did the mending that had been lying in a heap on my dresser for weeks. I finally sat myself down and stitched a table cloth for the dining room table (which is so wide that no conventional table clothes could cover it). And on Sunday I had a very productive meeting with my writing partner in the morning and with my writing group in the evening, so the weekend was not a complete loss, but all the moments in between became an ongoing battle with lethargy and ennui. 

I’m hoping that these moods were just a symptom of the heat. It is ok, after all, to have a few ‘off’days now and then, but that doesn’t make them any less frustrating to try to get through when they happen. I’d like to believe that now that a new week is begun that I can get off to a fresh start, but so far the morning has been one long series of slight misfortunes diverting me from my routine. A plumbing issue caused me to be late getting out the the door. Being late caused me to catch a slightly later bus. The slightly later bus necessitated taking a different, more circuitous bus route through the hills. The effect of this has yet to be determined- will I run late to work? Encounter a mysterious stranger? Be saved from a freak accident befalling my usual route? Does this cascade of bad luck change everything? Anything? Nothing? There’s no way to know for sure- at least not yet. 

So the adventure continues. 

~ by Gwydhar Gebien on July 17, 2017.

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  1. ‘Sounds like you’re being PROMPTed to take awareness of deeper feelings and INFLUENCEd by something outside your comfort zone. 🙂
    Have you ever made a button-down shirt for a table…ya know, since you sew table CLOTHES. 😀
    Perhaps the unusual cosmic activity that expanded the viewing space for the Northern Lights had some impact on your desire to be productive versus relaxing/lounging. You had plenty of creative potential and were not sure where to apply it. Been there.
    I dunno how you catch a different bus and still make it to anything on time. But, it all sounds like the beginning of a Rom-Com, “slice of life” story starring either Ashley Judd or the late Brittany Murphy. The opening scene features you painting your nails with a fuzzy stuffed animal beside a sunny window in the background. Then we pull back and see the clock which indicates your failure to keep track of time. Aaand, action!

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