The express bus was on layover at the bus stop so there was nothing to do but wait until the driver decided to open the doors and allow passenger boarding. Along that stretch of sidewalk, the only shade available was provided by the concrete wall of the elevated train tracks nearby, but, being tall, the shadow only fell as high as my shoulder. Between the sidewalk and the train tracks was a wide strip of landscaping mulched with wood chips. This seemed as good a place as any to stand and wait, and it would afford me the shade I was looking for. 

I hadn’t counted on the ants. 

I didn’t notice them right away- they were  tiny little sugar ants that were barely visible from eye height, but they were certainly noticable once they decided to start biting. Miserable little nippers. I stepped back onto the sidewalk, but the ants were not deterred. In spite of my best efforts to shake them off, more than a few of them hitched a free ride on the remainder of my commute bringing a certain literal meaning to having ‘ants in your pants’.

It has been a day for it. 

Mid afternoon I was struggling to concentrate as dozens of scattered and fragmented thoughts swirled around my brain like trash in a cyclone. The more I tried to put each individual topic out of my mind, the more things rushed in to fill the void. I compensated by gulping down an energy shot in one go instead of my usual habit of spreading my caffeination out over the entire afternoon. The effects of this were swift and unmistakable: my brain was suddenly plugged into the sun, narrowing my attention down to the kind of laser focus usually reserved for bomb technicians.  I proceeded to cut payroll while mapping out the parameters for the next three years of my career before the surge wore off. I’m not sure yet whether the ideas were actually any good… I have a lot of frantically scrambled notes to go over.


~ by Gwydhar Gebien on July 18, 2017.

One Response to “Antsy”

  1. Such drinks scare me. The ants would, too, if there were enough of them. ‘Never heard of “sugar ants” unless you mean the young brown ones. They must have been desperate for a cool space to nest. Maybe you squashed their parents. 😛 A quick douse of cool water would likely set them straight and off of you.

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