Picture is Unrelated

I just liked the color.

The picture has nothing to do with anything else that I might write: I just thought the color was striking and unusual since it was more red than the average traffic cone. 

My brain continues to be scattered and flurried. It keeps disappearing into my memory and dredging up unexpected pieces of source material that I feel compelled to chase down: the opening number from Disney’s “Hunchback of Notre Dame”, Val Kilmer’s drag scene from “Willow”, the soundtrack to “Rent”, a correspondent that I haven’t written to in fifteen years, etc. Some of this can be attributed to my recent diversion into old files, but other bits are strange and unexpected. I think the last time I watched “Willow” was on VHS. 

I’ve also gone back on the kick of trying to write with my left hand. It’s a phase that I go through periodically to the general chagrin of all my correspondents who have to suffer through my shaky, left leaning script. It’s just difficult enough to require my full focus, so I find it an enjoyable way to pass the time. It is like meditating. 

The thing is that I’m noticing that I think differently while/after I write with my left hand. Not in big ways, just like I’m seeing the world from the other side somehow. My handwriting is different too- I mean, obviously it’s not as smooth as my right hand, but it is consistent and specific: the letters are taller and heavier, it leans a distinct angle to the left. Loops are wider, but also peaked and pointed. My left hand personality evidently enjoys bold choices and strong statements- even if it doesn’t often get to be in charge. It makes me wonder how many different facets of personality I keep folded within myself that are just waiting to come to the surface. 

~ by Gwydhar Gebien on August 5, 2017.

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