Dentist Detox

It  time for my biannual dentist appointment. I scheduled it for first thing in the morning on a Monday morning so that I could drive in to work afterwards and only miss an hour or two of the work day. The upside of this was that I could sleep in until the luxurious late hour of eight in the morning instead of having to be out the door by six forty. The downside, of course, was an hour in the dentist’s chair getting the lower half of my face sandblasted by some kind of high frequency water jet. It didn’t hurt, but it wasn’t exactly fun and games either. 
Now, at least, I’ve been relieved of my coffee  stains for another six months. The Curmudgeonly Lion picked up some Crest white strips (at my request- it wasn’t a hint or anything) that I haven’t gotten around to using yet and I think he was beginning to feel a little hurt that I hadn’t used then yet. Well, now feels like the time. 

Having gotten all these stains removed, I catch myself thinking twice about whether I actually need that cup of coffee. I’m also about due to detox myself from caffeine, since lately I’ve found myself becoming more and more dependent on regular pep-ups throughout the day. A cup first thing in the morning with breakfast. A thermosful right after I finish the morning commute to get me focused. An energy shot to perk me up in the afternoon (at first a half shot, but lately a whole one).

So, reluctant to start staining my teeth right away,  I made it through the whole day on the half cup of coffee that I’d gulped down just before heading out the door. And now that I’ve made it this long I might as well keep up the momentum, right? Well, I’m have to see what tomorrow brings, but I might go ahead and try to launch the detox. No time like the present, and nothing like a twelve hour head start. 

~ by Gwydhar Gebien on August 8, 2017.

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