Considering that I was only on Chicago for the weekend, I feel like I shouldn’t have acclimatized to the time difference enough to be feeling jet lag now, but somehow I’m managing it. It doesn’t much help that the sky has been overcast and that I’m still off of coffee. So the highlights of my day have consisted of reading a few chapters of “Harpo Speaks” by Harpo  Marx with Rowland Barber, and enjoying a Nutty Buddy bar for an afternoon snack. Enjoyable as both these things are, they aren’t a very exciting subject matter to write about. I also fell asleep briefly in the lunch room and managed to wake myself up with exactly five minutes to spare before I had to be back at work. It seems that my internal alarm clock is up to speed even if the rest of me isn’t. 
The rest of my day wasn’t very noteworthy. I learned that if I fall asleep upright with my head resting in my hands I swallow a lot of air while asleep and wake up belching. I learned that I’m still incapable of eating a Nutty Buddy bar like a normal human; instead I’m compelled to take it apart layer by crispy layer the same way that I have since the lunch room in junior high. To bite across all four layers at once would be like biting across a string cheese. My teeth hurt at the very thought. 

I’ve also learned that reading about the Marx brothers is eminently preferable to social media at the moment. I spent several summers working on the UVA campus and count it as one of my favorite places in the country, which adds to the recent violence an extra layer of mental distress. At the risk of sounding escapist, it’s nice to have the excuse to tune out of social media for a while and just concentrate on the here and now. In a world of turmoil, it feels doubly important to feel the small pleasures of life like a good book and a sugary snack as deeply as possible.

~ by Gwydhar Gebien on August 15, 2017.

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