Tenth Day

Well, technically the eleventh day- my first day back in the blissful world of coffee. 

The coffee pot had become the happy home to a colony of slime mold that was happily growing up in small white capped islands from the shallow pond of coffee left from the dregs of my final pot two weekends ago. I felt a pang of guilt to wash such a thriving community down the drain, but didn’t let it didn’t stop me from actually doing the deed. 

I was down to the dregs of the coffee grounds as well. The can of Yuban had been sitting on the kitchen counter for ten days with only three last scoops of grounds left in the bottom. Through a minor culinary accident, these had been lightly salted by the Curmudgeonly Lion. “It’s only, like, twelve grains [of salt],” He assured me. “It might even help bring out the flavor.” So I was in for a taste sensation one way or another. 

If salt made a difference in the flavor, I failed to notice it. I took coffee with breakfast while absorbing fifteen minutes of the morning Howl of outrage from social media (I’m just going to go ahead and call this The Howl from now on) and then escaped into the Hollywood Reporter’s list of top film schools for the year, more than a little bit satisfied to see the Alma Mater still holding court as number one.  

In a typical reversal of convention, the final day of my caffeine detox was the only day that I got a headache. It was a persistent one that lasted all day and utterly refused to respond to hydration, massage, or ibuprophen. Regrettably, it seems to have continued into today. Even caffeine seems to be failing to lift the pressure. Instead, it is making up for this shortcoming with the jitters, which I haven’t felt for a long time, and which are reminding me that I may want to pace myself with that second cup of ambition, headache out no headache. 

Jitters aside, it does feel good to have that feeling of fire in my belly again. August, so far, has consisted of one long motivational stall during which the work keeps piling up and my impulse to tackle it keeps shuffling off to take a nap.  The brain part of me wants very much to get to work. Everything else wants to lie around like a blob. I compromised by reading and finishing my book “Harpo Speaks”, which was an excellent read. It’s not a big accomplishment, but it’s something. Maybe I can build on it. 

~ by Gwydhar Gebien on August 17, 2017.

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