Weekend Artwork

Also, I have significantly underestimated the pleasure of working with a freshly sharpened pencil.
The sun was not yet up when I stepped out the back door to tip coffee grounds into the mulch bucket. Overhead, the sky was both luminous and dark. In the East, Venus was the brightest thing in the sky, making it easy to see why it is called the Morning Star. 

In spite of my good intentions, I did not manage to sit down and do any writing. Instead, I spent the time drawing storyboard keyframes for a script that we are working on trying to package for production. It turns out that I’ve finally managed to internalize some of the key concepts of perpective which have otherwise always eluded me. So that’s progress. I’m still not a pro or anything about it: I wouldn’t trust myself to do any architectural renderings, but I’m definitely starting to get some of the basics about layout and vanishing points which is very helpful with composition. I also learned the dual lesson that backgrounds are time consuming and detail oriented, but they make the difference between a loose ‘concept sketch’ and an actual frame of artwork. Probably for a regular storyboard all these backgrounds would be overkill, but for key frames designed to sell the look of the film, the extra effort was worth it. I also understand now, why we always used to estimate that a professional artist needed one hour to complete one frame back when I worked at the commercial art studio. 

The temperatures crept back up over one hundred degrees over the weekend. Early on, I managed to get outdoors to do some puttering around the yard. I made good progress, although if you were to look at the yard you would be hard pressed to say what it was that I accomplished. Mostly, it was collecting and relocating the rubbish left over from the recent repairs: broken cinderblocks, plastic garden edging, empty plastic mulch bags, etc. It was work that needed doing, even if there wasn’t a ton of payoff. We are preparing to have a  storage shed installed today, so a fair amount of the work was simply clearing a route for the installation. With luck, everything will go smoothly and there will be a new shed in the back yard when I get home. 

So now it’s on to another week at the closing end of summer. It’s hard to know if this will mean it will be busy or if it will be quiet. I’m not sure which I’m hoping for.

~ by Gwydhar Gebien on August 28, 2017.

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