This would go better with music.

I managed to walk out the door without my headphones this morning. Without them, the morning commute feels onerous and the presence of my fellow commuters feels intrusive. It is much more difficult to cultivate that sense of privacy within a crowd without the assistance of music or ear cover. It has underscored my morning with a low level of annoyance. 

For being a short week, it sure is taking a long time to get to the weekend. Not that I have anything in particular that I’m looking forward to besides not having to share an office with The Slurper and The Gulper for two days. Yesterday, I brought in a pair of ear plugs and worked for several hours in blessèd silence, so I suppose, if nothing else, I could just wear earplugs home. If the mood continues. 

I finally reached a benchmark that I had set for myself on some artwork: I finally managed to transfer all twenty four storyboard frames onto marker paper in ink-line. Then I realized that I still had to go back and add grayscale on twenty of the frames before I could consider the work ‘finished’. Ugh. Guess I know how I will be spending the weekend. 

The problem with having Labor Day fall right at the beginning of the month is: by the time you finally get yourself organized to get to work, you realize that a full week is already gone. What have I accomplished? We had a nice cookout- and that’s not nothing for inveterate introverts like myself and the Curmudgeonly Lion who tend to turn social gatherings into excuses to stress out about everything (we did really well on this last one and only snapped at each other once), but it doesn’t cross much off The List. 

So the day is off to a rough start, but hopefully that means it will just get better from here. 

~ by Gwydhar Gebien on September 7, 2017.

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