The Grind

After six and a half hours at the drawing board, I had to concede defeat for the day. I was still only three quarters of the way through my project and my back was aching and my markers were running dry. I asked the Curmudgeonly Lion to make an emergency pit stop to get some fresh ones, which he did to the tune of four dollars per marker. Goddamn that’s why I don’t buy them retail if I can help it. 
I’d really been hoping to finish. The thought of having this project hanging over my head for another week was more than I could really stand to think about. But no matter how fast I tried to work, I couldn’t seem to finish the drawings any quicker. I have six left to do tonight. If I can accomplish each frame in thirty minutes (a big ‘if’ at the rate I’ve been working) I’ll have three hours of work ahead of me. Ugh. 

For all my lamenting, we had a very productive weekend: we worked hard and made good progress, we just didn’t finish anything.

~ by Gwydhar Gebien on September 11, 2017.

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