Small Season

Looks like Halloween, smells like Christmas.

The tangerines were not, strictly speaking, for the office. They were leftover from a new client meeting, as if healthy snacks would be the deciding factor in the decision-making process of choosing a payroll company. Who knows, maybe it made all the difference. 

The bottom line, was that there were cuties leftover and a bowl full of them appeared in the lunchroom to signify that they were up for grabs. They looked very scenic there- glossy orange fruits in a blue bowl on a yellow table. The one on the very top looked so much like a tiny pumpkin that I took it, even though I didn’t plan to eat it. 

At present, I’m making an effort to mind what I eat. I’ve put on weight that I’m not happy with (although, admittedly, I couldn’t tell you where this new weight is to be found except on the bathroom scale- my clothes still seem to fit just fine). So I’ve resorted to the dreadful task of counting my calories. I hate counting calories- what a way to take all the fun out of the delight of eating. But when I do it, I quickly realize where the weight is creeping in from: I just eat too darn much. If I’m supposed to be keeping myself to two thousand calories then even my modest breakfast-and-lunch routine puts me more than halfway to my limit. And dinner is easily the biggest meal of the day: I married a man with an Italian philosophy of cooking and portion sizes that regrettably does not correspond to my daily activity level in a way that is likely to keep me svelt.

Anyway, so it’s a tangerine. I’ll probably be ok. The trick isn’t to say ‘no’ it’s to say ‘not right now’ so I set it aside for tomorrow. It’ll be a nice treat for the end of the week.

~ by Gwydhar Gebien on September 21, 2017.

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