At least it was a scenic detour.

I knew I’d had quite enough social media for the day when I overshot my bus stop by two stops. Looking up from a post that I now can’t even remember, I realized that I didn’t recognize where I was and was heading further into unfamiliar territory. The next stop was Woodman. Did I know a Woodman? I knew a Woodley. I had to consult my location on Google Maps to confirm that, yes, I was out of my zone. 

It was a reasonably simple matter to get back on track: get off at the next stop, backtrack by one station (if I’d only missed my stop by one stop I wouldn’t have needed to backtrack at all) and carry on with my day as if my own inattention had not diverted me from my normal routine. 

I figured that I might as well look around myself and see what this diversion was bringing to my attention. Whenever I find my routine disrupted, I try to think of it as a message: that this might be the inciting incident for some story in my life. This might be the moment in which something significant crosses my path, simply because my path has changed. 

If there was significance to this diversion, it has not yet become apparent to me, but the day is young and I’m keeping my mind open.

~ by Gwydhar Gebien on October 3, 2017.

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