The traditional gift for a seven year anniversary is copper and wool. The contemporary gift is a desk set. 

According to the internet. 

 I mean, really? A desk set? Don’t get me wrong, I love me some office supplies, but if I got a desk set for an anniversary gift I might start to wonder, just the *tiniest* if maybe the romance was gone. 

We’ve made it to seven years, but haven’t really celebrated yet because Tuesday is taco night and taco night is sacred. And because we’ve got plans to celebrate over the weekend instead.  The Facebook algorithm picked up the slack and created an anniversary video for the Curmudgeonly Lion and myself, chronicling our relationship in the photos that we’d shared on our profiles. Whether we wanted it or not. In general, I find those videos intrusive and obnoxiously twee, but I was feeling sentimental so I watched it anyway. The Curmudgeonly Lion’s Facebook picture consists of a photo of my cat, so to a casual observer it looked like I was celebrating my seven year anniversary of life as a cat lady. 

I elected to not post the video to my wall.

In all, the seven years have felt very short. I’m pretty sure we just got married a month or two ago, aside from the fact that we’ve moved twice, changed jobs, and completed a graduate program in the interim. The whole world has been made anew, but our relationship still feels the same. I suppose that’s how it is supposed to be

~ by Gwydhar Gebien on October 11, 2017.

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