Sick Day

The vacation ended with a faint, dry tickle in my throat. Too many days of rich food and staying up late and sleeping open-mouthed in a dry hotel environment were taking their toll. By evening, every muscle down my back ached and I had a low-grade fever and a fist shaped headache behind my eyes. I told myself that if the fever lasted through the morning that I would call in to work. 

The fever lasted through the morning. 

I pried myself out of bed long enough to see the Curmudgeonly Lion out the door and to gulp down ibuprophen and vitamin C tablets before retreating to another six hours of dead sleep. Rinse and repeat. 

Compared to how I felt at this time yesterday, I now feel like a million bucks. I still have a bit of a chest cough that makes it sound like I have the plague, but nothing actually hurts and I no longer feel like my presence at the office would make me into Patient Zero for the start of cold season. 

~ by Gwydhar Gebien on October 18, 2017.

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