Brain Drain


As long as I keep my head back and breathe through my nose, this cold medicine works great. Otherwise, I might as well have spent my money on TicTacs for all the relief that I’m getting. Tic Tacs would have the added benefit of freshening my breath, which, with all this mouth breathing, is probably more than a little bit stale. Placebos work better than this. I’m pretty sure I just spent ten bucks on sugar pills anyway. The sinus pressure has gotten up into my ears far enough that my earbuds don’t fit right and down into my palate far enough that all my top teeth hurt. But, you know, at least I’m not coughing anymore. 

I hate being sick. 

But, on every life a little rain must fall. Work, at least, was slow, which was good since I was especially prone to mistakes. Between the constant nose-blowing and the obsessive wiping-down of every surface with Clorox wipes there wasn’t much mental capacity for quality control. Which is not an ideal state in which to cut payroll. It did, however, leave me open to ponder the larger questions of life like “Why do I follow unspoken rules so readily?” and “Am I too good to take a job that involves rolling calls?” and “How much control do I really have over the future, anyway?” So my poor, congested gears were grinding away merrily under it all without making any discernable progress. 

I’m not sure if it’s the cold or if I just happen to be in an especially introspective phase at the moment. I’m coming to realize some interesting truths about myself, though. For instance, I’ve finally quantified that I’m just good looking enough for my looks to give me an edge, but not good looking enough for them to actually be a tool. Which I’m pretty OK with, since it saves a lot of time on maintenance: after a certain point the effort of trying to look flawless would have only a marginal benefit. I’ve learned that I’d rather have scars than moles (you earn scars, you get moles). I’ve learned that I’d rather cut my own hair, badly, than try to trust a professional. 

I guess all this staring into space, waiting for my head to drain makes me philosophical. 

~ by Gwydhar Gebien on October 21, 2017.

One Response to “Brain Drain”

  1. I am chalking up many of the questions and/or doubts to the cold and, possibly, the placebo medicine. Because I don’t see why you cannot trust a professional to cut your hair unless you suffered some kind of really bad experience at a beauty parlor/barber shop. Typically, women with your lovely sort of hair don’t get much cut off, anyway, unless you’re making a radical change…and you don’t seem the type to do that.

    If your sinus pressure is that advanced that it’s affecting your jaws and ears, I’d suggest medical assistance. Cuz that sounds about as scary as my heart/circulation situation right now. I’m usually pretty good with fighting colds, if nothing else improvising til something works. But, sinuses reach into the infection area that may not be as simple as gargling or sweating it out.

    In fact, all I can recommend is trying to exercise in a way that steadily forces you to use your nasal passages, hopefully working the pressure out, sort of like giving a massage to improve circulation. Or, try spicy foods that do not stimulate the production of saliva/mucus but DO create that heat in the nasal passages that might reduce inflammation/pressure.

    If you’re up for it, maybe do a lil research into Ayurveda dietary recommendations, herbs and seasonings that can shift bodily function and health. There may be some “hot” food options that benefit your condition…and some that might make it worse. I know, with me, certain hot peppers actually make my throat feel more slimy while others steam the nasal passages like a good bowl of chili. [That’s my go-to food for nose/cold issues, chili. Just watch the salt content. No canned chili.] Alas, it has been a while since I did the pepper test, so I cannot remember which does which (and I never really wrote it down…or forgot that I did).

    One last recommendation, though I am sure it’s obvious, sleeping flat is probably next to impossible. So, hopefully, you have a reclining chair you can sleep in or an angular pillow (triangle wedge) to elevate your head/back. I got almost no sleep when I had sinus/throat troubles and laid my head on an ordinary pillow. [At the time, I would have loved a reclining lounger like my grandparents had.]

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