Life Longing

A while back, a friend asked me how I would define success: how would I know if I had a successful life? Would it be in money or fame? Was it in this award or that achievement? What was it that I was really striving for? 

I’ve been thinking it over ever since. 

I think that different people live different lives, which sounds like a perfect tautology, but I mean it somewhat more philosophically than that. Some people strive to live the Sweet Life full of wealth and hedonism. Some people strive to live the Meaningful Life full of study and exploration. Some people strive to live the Good Life full of duty and high standards. Some people strive to live the Easy Life with lots of leisure. 

I strive to live the Interesting Life. I would certainly like for it to be sweet and meaningful and good and easy as well, but these would feel empty if I didn’t have a good story to tell about it afterwards. A life worth retelling: now that’s my idea of success. 

When I get right down to it, the only reason that I want fame is to get to hang out with other famous people. For some reason, I have always believed that this is something that I have to earn through the accomplishment of great works- that if my own work were somehow good enough, then it would be appropriate to befriend the weird and wild figures of celebrity whom I have admired by the force of their reputation. 

A part of me now questions whether this is strictly true. I mean, I do still hope to accomplish great works of my own, but I also wonder whether it is necessarily the first step. I mean, it’s not like I’ve asked any celebrities to hang out and been told “call me once you’ve made something of yourself.” Not that anybody would say that in LA, it would be couched as “I’ll let you know when my schedule opens up” or “I’ll have my people call your people”. But who knows? Maybe it’s just that no one has ever asked before. 

~ by Gwydhar Gebien on October 24, 2017.

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