Easy Come Easy Go

On Friday I wrote this whole long post about some writing that I’d done in the morning. I waxed on for a while about how I hadn’t really been inspired, but I’d sat down to write anyway and was pleased to make some good progress, etc. Etc. 

On Saturday, I opened up my laptop to take another look at this Good Progress. The Good Progress was gone. At some point, between Friday morning and Saturday afternoon, my laptop had decided to forcibly close out of all programs. Usually this means that Windows 10 has decided to run one of their creepy, involuntary, invasive updates (This is why no one likes you, Windows 10! No I will not reconnect you to a friend). And, fine, it happens and I hate it, but usually it’s pretty reliable about saving any changes to open documents before closing down the program. And besides: I’d saved it myself before putting the laptop on standby and bringing it upstairs for the day. 


Hadn’t I?

When I reopened Word, the document did not automatically appear as an auto-save. When I scrolled down to the page I’d been working on, the changes that I’d made were no where to be seen. I noodled around for a while trying to see if I could find some evidence of what had happened. I’d saved it, right? If not, then I’d worked on it for long enough for auto save to kick in at least one. Was there a temp file I could refer to? 

At last I asked the Curmudgeonly Lion for help. He worked his wizardry for a while, but he too came up empty. He dug up some kind of record that logged the laptop’s activity for the past few days. There was no evidence of the lost work. What’s more, there was no evidence that I’d even done it in the first place- the time stamps conveniently skipped the window of time when I’d actually sat down to write: one entry was at 6:25. The next entry was at 11:50pm. Nothing in between.

I know I wrote it. I know I did, but somehow I’m questioning this. Maybe I just dreamed it? Climbed into the back seat of the van and napped for forty minutes of vivid lucid dreaming?  Even at the time I recall thinking: “this is new material, I should be putting it down in a notebook, not in my final document.” 

I guess I now know why that impulse came to me.

At any rate, once it was clear that there was going to be no retrieving the work, I did sit down with a notebook. I managed to recall about ninety percent of it in bits and pieces, in no particular order. If I’m honest with myself, I’d probably have cut about ten percent of it anyway during the editing process, but there’s still that nagging doubt, wondering whether I forgot something good.  

Ahh well. Easy Come, Easy go.

~ by Gwydhar Gebien on October 30, 2017.

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