Ring Cleaning

I took my wedding ring to the jeweler to have the stones inspected and to get it cleaned. It’s a task that I have to repeat every six months for the sake of the warranty, and since it’s the only piece of really valuable jewelry that I wear on a daily basis, it’s worth getting the checkup. I understand that some women take off their rings before engaging in tasks that would dull or damage them: washing dishes, gardening, etc. The only times that I typically take mine off are if I’m making dough (of the pie/bread variety, not of the cash variety) or if I’m spray painting. So there’s a fair about of wear and tear. 

And gunk.

So my wedding ring is, at present, sparkling with renewed glitter. Having inspected it at some length, I turned my attention to one of my other rings- a silver ring with a black stone that I wear on my right hand. This ring did not have a jewellers warranty that required a six month checkup, and I found myself wondering just how much it might be in need of a cleaning itself. On the surface it seemed fine: the stone is deeply set and the silver stays bright thanks to regular buffing from constant wear, but the setting involves a pattern of thistles which leave small openings to a hollow beneath the stone. I hadn’t seen light through any of those openings for quite some time. 

I made the mistake of investigating. It was possible to see some build-up beneath the stone, but really- how bad could it be? Have you ever cleaned the underside of a computer mouse and discovered that it was covered in blackish grime? Well the hollow beneath the stone turned out to contain a  bottomless supply of this substance. I probably spent half an hour prodding the depths with the unbent end of a paperclip, thinking over and over again that surely this time I’d gotten the last of it. I’m still not sure that I actually succeeded in getting it clean or if I just chose to quit while I was ahead. But the ring feels lighter now. 

~ by Gwydhar Gebien on November 6, 2017.

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