It’s a short week at work due to the Thanksgiving holiday. For other companies, this might mean a lightening of the volume of work that needs to be accomplished before settling in for a turkey dinner, but payroll is payroll, and right now it means that five days of work are being shoehorned into three days. 

Mid afternoon, an email arrived in my inbox asking if I could stay an extra hour. It was ‘completely optional’, I was assured, but the work was still going to have to get done whether I did it tonight or I did it tomorrow. And tomorrow was a day we *might* have the opportunity to leave early if we got everything done. 

So I elected to stay. 

I wish I could say that the extra hour made an obvious difference, but even working diligently for the whole time, I didn’t actually finish much. Progress, yes. Accomplishment, no. 

I’d hoped that leaving an hour later might shorten my commute time by allowing me to miss some of the rush hour traffic. These hopes were dashed when I discovered that the last Express bus departed at 6:50. There was no way I was going to make it: I’d have to take the Local and wend my around the entire perimeter of Westwood before slogging up the Sepulveda pass, hitting every stop along the way. It’s currently 8:45 and I’m still not home yet. 

So I’m hungry and annoyed and I’m not going to get much of an evening, but I’m learning an important lesson: it is worth driving to work on days when it is likely that I’ll need to stay late. Unfortunately, there’s not really any way to know what days those are likely to be in advance. It is almost certain that I’ll need to work late during the first quarter when the payroll for awards season all hits at once, so I’m considering this to be a useful dry run to brainstorm some ways to handle this on those days in the future. 

It might be time to join Lyft.

~ by Gwydhar Gebien on November 21, 2017.

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