Malibu Dreamhouse

A view I could get used to

When the opportunity arises to spend the day in a Malibu beachfront condo, there’s really only one answer. 

Since the Curmudgeonly Lion and I hosted Thanksgiving for my sister, Bean, and her husband, Steadfast, (and the Nugget, of course), they returned the favor in the form of an invitation to join them for a day in Malibu. 

We said yes. Because we are not idiots. 

Steadfast’s former boss was a reality television producer of some measurable success and renown- whom I shall refer to as The Mensch. The Mensch was between personal assistants and Steadfast had been filling in as a way to pick up some work between gigs as a television editor. In the course of this help-meet work, The Mensch offered Steadfast the use of his Malibu condo. So I emphasize that I, personally, did nothing to earn this privilege. But I also wasn’t going to pass up the opportunity to see how the fancy folk live. 

The condo itself was tasteful and modest: tidy, well appointed, and judiciously placed with a patio that overlooked both the Malibu beach and a sparkling pool. And by “overlooked” I mean: was a mere ten yards from the water line. 

Location, location, location.

It was a very pleasant day. We walked on the beach. We swam in the pool. We lounged in the hottub. We ate enormous pastrami sandwiches and watched the sun set. (Not at the same time) and generally spent the day living the sweet life. 

As pleasant as it was to enjoy such rarified air for a day, it also dredged up some feelings of restlessness that I haven’t felt for a while. If this was the kind of life that I aspired to have for myself: enough wealth and success to have tastefully well appointed beachfront property on the Malibu coast, then I had a long way to go. Was I still working towards it with the kind of rigor that type of success deserved? Were my prospects bright enough that I should be hopeful or weak enough that I should despair? I tried to remind myself to appreciate the moment- and I did- but when the day was over and we were backat home to clutter and chores, I found myself once again wrestling with the question of the direction of my life. 

So lately I’ve been a bit more motivated to stay on task with my daily to do lists. At the risk of sounding like I’ve gone full Southern California native, I suppose it helps to have a vision for the future that I hope to have. Whether vision alone will be enough to manifest this desire into reality remains to be seen, but I suppose there’s no harm in trying. 

So I’m giving some thought to the kind of life that I’d like to have, and trying to backwards engineer a plan to turn it into reality. But for now, tonight’s plan is to get a good night’s sleep.

~ by Gwydhar Gebien on November 28, 2017.

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