Hey, Baby

I mean, the baby shower was just a week ago…

My brother, Northwoods, and sister-in-law Bobbin had a baby girl over the weekend. I haven’t met her yet, so I don’t have an appropriate nickname off the top of my head. To be fair, I was expecting to have another three weeks to think one up, since she wasn’t due until the week between Christmas and New Years, but clearly she was ready to LIVE. (Early Bird, maybe?) 

Then again, my surprise is probably nothing compared to her new parents who are getting dunked into parenthood right before the holidays. I mean, it works out for me: now I’ll be sure to get to meet her when we visit. 

Anyway, she was born healthy and a good weight and, as far as I know without complications. Apparently she is nursing well. My mom is dying to get up to Wisconsin to see her, but recently (like, three days earlier) had her hip replaced, and isn’t allowed to sit in a car that long yet. She’s already back on her feet, though. I mean, ain’t technology wonderful when a surgeon can saw off part of your bone, replace it with a titanium joint, even out the length of your legs while he’s at it, and wrap up the surgery in about an hour and you can be back up on your feet within a few days? How amazing is that?  I keep imagining the surgery happening like a pit stop at a stack car race: with one person holding a stop sign while a crew of mechanics with high speed power ratchets change out all the movable parts. Other patients on gurneys in the hall have to circle behind a pace car until the next flag goes down.

So, anyway, I’m an aunt again: I can now officially use the term ‘niblings’ in the plural. 

~ by Gwydhar Gebien on December 4, 2017.

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