In spite of being diverted into downtown during my morning commute, I arrived at the office only twenty minutes late. As I was walking in the door, my phone rang: “Hey, if you’re blocked by the fire, it’s ok if you don’t come in.” My co-worker told me. 

“Well, I’m here anyway.” I said. I was glad, too: I had to pee in the worst way. I’d picked the wrong day to leave the house without making a pit stop first.

So I sit down at my desk, fire up the computer, and prepare to get to work. Just as I’m about to upload the file that I need to work on, the power goes out. The computer shuts off, the lights go dark, and the insistent rumble of the climate control system goes silent. 

Well, shit.

It turned out that a power transformer blew at the end of the block leaving the building with only the emergency systems to power it. After about twenty minutes of darkness while the collective mind of the office sorted out what had happened, the lights came back on. The building management came on the PA system and made the announcement that: “We are experiencing an LADWP outage. We expect it will take fourteen hours to repair. Tenets should proceed with their emergency protocols.” In other words: game called on account of loss of power. Please evacuate without panicking. Better luck tomorrow.”

Since the emergency system gave us enough power to fire up the computers, the Office Hive Mind (OHM) decided to push through the most pressing payrolls, and then close at 12:30. 

So here I am, commuting back into the city in order to go home. If my morning commute was Act 1 with the Ordinary World and Call to Adventure, then I’m now solidly in Act 2 with Tests, Allies, and Enemies- and probably Approach To The Inmost Cave too once this train goes underground. I want to think that I’ll get a bunch of extra stuff done around the house with this extra time that I’m getting, but mere moments before walking out the door, my neck have a mighty twinge and told me on no uncertain terms that I was not to lean forward, lift anything heavy, out raise my arms above my head, OR ELSE. So there may be a third chapter to this take of woe. 

~ by Gwydhar Gebien on December 6, 2017.

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