Things hanging over my head.

The app says that I have fifteen minutes before my bus leaves. Until that time, I am expected to stand in expectation on a dark sidewalk, waiting for the driver to open the doors. In general, I try to avoid spending this time starting at the screen of a phone, since there is quite a bit of foot and bike traffic on the path and it is wise to be aware of my surroundings. But tonight every minute counts, so I’m making an effort to use the time wisely. Once I get on the bus, I will need to dedicate myself to wrapping up a writing project. Once I get home I will need to dedicate myself to getting the house in order for the holidays, the cat delivered to the cat sitter, and my last minute gifts wrapped for transport. 

Deadlines, y’all.

Considering my recent luck, I’m beginning to think that the way to make progress on any of my projects is to  stop trying. It seems like the more I struggle to move forward, the more obstacles I run into. It’s a quicksand sort of conundrum: if I don’t do anything, I get nothing done. If I work really hard, I also get nothing done, but wear myself out while not accomplishing it. 

That said, I have a long To Do (To Don’t?) list already prepared for the evening. We’ll see if I can actually manage to cross anything off. 

~ by Gwydhar Gebien on December 21, 2017.

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