New Bloom

Apparently we have a ‘Moth Orchid’
The poor orchid was so dry, it weighed nearly nothing. 

“They like dry feet.” My friend told me when she gave it to me. “You don’t have to water it all the time, just put it in a bowl of water when it gets light and let it soak up what it wants.”

That was the sum total of my instruction in the care and feeding of an orchid, which I was given to understand was typically a very finicky plant to care for. But it seemed to work: every other week or so I would let it soak in a bowl of water until it had what it wanted and then I’d leave it the alone until the next soaking. It kept its blooms for over a month. When the blooms finally fell, the leaves still seemed green and healthy so I continued the routine. 

For a long time, I wondered if it would bloom again. I didn’t know if I should prune the stalks or just let it be. When in doubt, do nothing. 

Yesterday, I went to put it in its water bath and I realized that the stalks had multiplied: instead of two stalks, it now had five- the original two, plus three little, budding stalklets. So I’m hopeful that there might be some new blossoms in the near future. 

~ by Gwydhar Gebien on January 5, 2018.

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