Clean Sheets

So that goal? You know the one about Complete Whole Tasks?

Yeah, it’s harder than it sounds.

I started with the laundry. This seemed like an easy way to make some progress- once I got a load started I could work on un-decorating from Christmas, my other goal for the day. I decided to start with washing the sheets off the bed. I’d gotten some new bedding for the Curmudgeonly Lion as a Christmas gift (a rather lame gift- I rather failed at gift-giving this year, but at least it was something to open) and now seemed like a good time to see if it was any good. Looking at the packaging, the new sheets looked like they might be warm for the winter, but it wasn’t true: they were, in fact, so thin that they may not be of any use until the heat of summer.

Le sigh.

Either way, though, both sets of sheets needed to be washed. And while we were at it, the mattress was looking pretty stained. I couldn’t put the bedding back on until the sheets were clean, so I figured that I might as well break out the upholstery cleaner and give the mattress a good once over. And once the upholstery cleaner was set up it seemed silly to leave half a tank of cleaning solution unused, so I might as well spot clean the carpet in the bedroom as well. And since the bed was damp, I couldn’t put the sheets back on it until it was dry. And since I was doing all the bedding, I might as well wash the pillow cases on the pillows on the futon in the living room. Hell, I might as well wash the whole futon cover. New year, right? Clean all the things.

Laundry turned out to be the theme of the day. I did about five back-to-back loads. I still haven’t washed any clothes.

Interspersed with this, I spent the afternoon un-decorating. At about four o clock in the afternoon, it became clear that neither of these tasks were going to be things that I could get done in one go, so I took a break to go for a run. My running clothes smelled terrible. I probably should have washed them. Afterwards, I got back to work on the two tasks at hand. The bed was finally dry enough to dress. The Christmas decorations were finally jig-sawed back into their tote. The vinyl cases from the sheets turned out to be a great new storage case for holiday themed linens, so I guess they weren’t a total bust.

In the end, I did manage to accomplish both tasks- at least as much as I expected too accomplish them in one day. So that was progress, at least.


~ by Gwydhar Gebien on January 6, 2018.

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