And now to compart-mentalize.
We spent the weekend watching the entire first season of the “Marvelous Mrs Mazel”. Thanks to the award season hype, the show was, for a few brief days, available to everybody and not just to Amazon Prime subscribers, and I was eager to get to see it after glowing recommendations from my youngest sister, Filbert. Frankly, it deserves every nomination that it’s got.

The only way to watch an Amazon Prime video on our television was to hook up a computer to it via hdmi cable. The only computer available and portable enough to make this worthwhile was my laptop. So the down side is that I couldn’t use my laptop all weekend, but the up side is that it forced me to stay focused on other things like organizing the digital files on my old hard drive and digitizing artwork and the usual laundry and laundry and laundry. 

Now that the weekend is over and I have my laptop back, I’m eager to get back to work, but somehow can’t seem to get started. Maybe my mind is still too full of the “Marvelous Mrs Mazel”. My brain certainly does seem to be using a lot of my processing capacity for… Something. I’m not sure what, yet. Trying to fall asleep last night was like lying on a hard surface under florescent lights and having the glossary, index, and appendices of a textbook drip fed into my brain. I wasn’t particularly worried or focused on any of this bulk data, but I somehow wasn’t able to dismiss it either. It was not a restful night’s sleep. I’m hopeful that this portends a creative breakthrough in the near future, but it does feel strange to be aware that your own mind is hard at work and you have no idea what it’s up to.

~ by Gwydhar Gebien on January 15, 2018.

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