Shoe In


I’m breaking in new shoes, which really means that they are breaking me in. I didn’t want to have to give up my old shoes, but they were falling to pieces. I’d already paid more to get them resoled than I paid to actually buy them, and I told myself that if they made it to the end of the year it would be worth it. Well, they made it, but they weren’t going to make it much farther; they were beginning to lose structural integrity, causing the heels to flex with every step. Some women pay a lot of money for shoes that will give them the kind of calf workout that I was getting just by walking on wobbly heels.

I resolved that my next shoes would emphasize sturdiness. 

Mission accomplished.

In truth, it wasn’t hard: evidently, chunky heels are in right now. Or, at least were in, In the recent past, since I was shopping almost exclusively on the clearance racks. 

I ended up with a pair of boots and two pairs of high heels. The boots are suede with low heels, but they come up over my knees, which is a new boot height for me. Somehow, even though they cover more of my skin, I find myself worrying about whether the height is considered provocative. As if skirt shortness and heel height and collar depth and fabric density were not already enough variables in the appropriate-women’s-attire-daily-algorithm. On the plus side, wearing boots that come up over my knees makes me feel like I’m prepared to play keeper in a cricket match… You know… If the need arises. And I can fold the tops down for a legit pirate look, if I’m feeling especially swashbuckling. And they are comfortable. But also warm. Very warm. Which will be fine while it’s winter, but may turn into a knee high rash as soon as spring rolls around.

I wore one of the other pairs of the heels for the first time yesterday and ended the day with blisters. I thought I was being smart by wearing them with little footie socks for the first day, but the little footie turned out to be useless and spent the entire day balled up in the toe of my shoes while my heels rubbed raw. Cowards. I presumed it would be a good day to wear them since I was planning to drive into work and there would be a minimum of walking. My reasoning was sound, but it’s going to take some more work before I’m ready to wear them for a whole day again.

~ by Gwydhar Gebien on January 19, 2018.

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