Quick Studies

Three observations of fellow humans of public transit.

Human #1

The ink on his arm depicted a black dog made out of the night sky- its ears forever pricked in the direction is some kind of dream catcher just above his wrist. There was an outline of a star on each hand on the webbing between his forefinger and thumb. They matched the red and black star tattooed just above his left knee. 

Human #2

She was technically wearing a skirt, even if it didn’t cover anything. Her underthings were red and ruffled: meant to be seen. She wore stockings with some kind of lace pattern stitched into the weave beneath thigh-high suede boots.  

But she wore no makeup, and her hair was a mess. And she looked people in the eye- daring them to let her catch them staring at her ass. I looked her in the eye right back, even if she was three steps ahead of me up the staircase, putting her ass at eye level. She seemed disappointed to see it was just me. 

Human #3

He approached the crosswalk, in his wife beater tank top and myriad of tattoos he looked like trouble : but he didn’t look like he was looking for it. He spoke to a bystander in a tone of polite questioning- asking directions. 

Across the street? Then over? Thank you. 

I didn’t need to hear him to know what he said. When the light changed, he disappeared in the crowd.

~ by Gwydhar Gebien on January 22, 2018.

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