Queen Size Flower Bed

We’d found the bedframe on Facebook marketplace for forty bucks. It was a wooden sleigh style bed and it looked pretty good but it wasn’t high quality solid wood furniture. And it needed some work. We figured if we stripped off the finish and gave it a good once over it would still be a good deal. 

Well, then life happened. 

I did manage to strip the finish off the side rails (after many leering jokes about sending the Curmudgeonly Lion out to pick up a stripper) but then the weather got cold and the days got short and the Holidays happened. The pieces of the bed sat out on the side patio wrapped in tarps, all but forgotten. 

And then the new year happened, and by jingo I was going to cross something off my list by getting the bedframe refinished. Which sounded great in my head until I undid all the bungees on the traps to release a deluge of standing water that had been bellied underneath. Turns out the tarps were not waterproof after all. 

The bedframe was now coated in a gentle snowfall of white mold. For a minute or two I thought it might be salvageable and then I realized that the wood was beginning to warp in the places where it rested on the saw horses. If we sanded it down enough to make it smooth we’d sand the veneer right off. It was just particle board underneath. Was it really worth it?

“Well,” I said, “we can always turn it into a flower bed.”

So that’s what we did. Or started to do. We assembled the frame in the backyard and I spent twenty minutes fiddling with the placement trying to find an angle that was attractive from several different views and didn’t look too much likea careless hillbilly had been put in charge of landscaping. Then I dug holes to sink the four corner feet into the ground and voila: a frame for a raised flowerbed. 

At present, it still does look like the design choice of a careless hillbilly, but I think once it is filled in with dirt, it will be an attractive addition to the backyard. My big dilemma right now is figuring out what to plant: do I make it a legitimate flower bed or garden, or do I cover it with sod and make an outdoor daybed for when we want a place to sit outside or watch the stars or relax by the fire pit? I’m tempted to do the latter, the Curmudgeonly Lion leans towards the former, so I’ll need to give it some thought, but hey: I still have to fill it with dirt before I can do either. 

So that’s what I did with my day. 

~ by Gwydhar Gebien on January 27, 2018.

2 Responses to “Queen Size Flower Bed”

  1. I want to see pictures of it before and after!

  2. Brilliant ideas!

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