Hard Chair

The office one floor down was moving. They’d opened their doors and anybody in the building could come and take whatever furniture they wanted- otherwise it was just going to get picked up by the junk guy and thrown away.

“Go downstairs,” everybody kept telling me. “Get yourself a new chair.”

I thought that the chair debate had been largely resolved a year ago after I’d stubbornly insisted, emphatically, and repeatedly, that I liked my wooden chair.

Yes, really.


I mean it.

It was true too: I wasn’t sure why, but I preferred the simplicity of the hard, wooden chair, to all the levers and swivels and pads and arms and foot rests of all the office chairs. I mean, it’s a chair, for Pete’s sake, not a space shuttle: all it really needed to do was keep my butt the right height off the ground so that I could see the computer screen. A hard chair makes me sit up straight. A hard chair keeps me from sitting too long. A hard chair keeps me from falling asleep.

It just strikes me as funny that my preference seems to be so far out of step with what people consider ‘normal’ that they just can’t believe that I actually like it.

~ by Gwydhar Gebien on January 29, 2018.

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