Shadow in Shade

By the light of the full moon, it was possible to see into the darkness of the alley that was usually so profound as to be opaque. Not that I had any intention of walking through an alley, visible or not. In truth, the whole neighborhood had a certain, unusual lightness about it. As I walked home, my streetlight-shadows chased me around and around on the sidewalk.

And in the shade, I found myself accompanied by a shadow from the moon.

I had to marvel at this phenomenon of a shadow in the dark. I had to wonder which was the true shadow: the ones cast by the street lights that appeared in sharp relief, but which came and went and wandered in circles around me as I walked, or this fainter, softer, more faithful companion who only appeared when the other lights were gone. Were these different shadows, or just different manifestations of the same shadow, forever changing based on the circumstances? Was there such a thing as an objectively true shadow at all? Shadows are subjective things, after all. Did I have one shadow or many? I had only one self, of course, so that part stayed the same, but the light was ever changing. Which part was more true?

~ by Gwydhar Gebien on February 1, 2018.

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