Make A Hole

“I think I’ll dig a hole today.”

It’s the kind of thing that a kid would think of: today I’m going to dig to China. Jokingly, the Curmudgeonly Lion and I realized that we really haven’t grown up very much: on the weekends he plays with blocks while I play with dirt and sometimes afterwards we have grape juice.

My goals were not as lofty as digging to China: instead my goal was to turn over a patch of ground that would become a tomato bed once the weather warmed up. The dirt in our backyard is as hard as cement and hasn’t grown much of anything besides weeds and Bermuda grass for years. I only managed to sink the bed about shovel deep, but I figured that would be enough to give a few tomato plants enough depth to get a toe hold. We’re not planning on planting for another couple weeks: it’s still getting pretty cold at night and I’ve already jumped the gun by putting my basil plants in the ground and now have to cover them every night in a special little tent. Ahh well- I’m learning.

In other news, I learned how to use a chainsaw. Look out, world. I am ready for the zombie apocalypse. As long as there’s still power and the undead only try to attack within the radius of my extension cord. In the meantime, I took down some tree branches that have been bothering me for a while now. One of these branches was off the lemon tree and it felt like a shame to just toss it on the brush heap so I stuck it in a pot of dirt instead to see if I could get it to root. I mean, I’m probably wasting my time, but I’ll never know if I don’t try.

I’m still watching my cuttings from last weekend to see if there’s any sign of growth. I’m sure it’s too early for there to be anything yet- it’s supposed to take four to six weeks. But the leaves are still green and the little greenhouse bags over them are still full of droplets of moisture which I take to be a sign that they are still respiring. Fingers crossed.

At any rate, I spent a day digging a hole and then filling it in. Not much to show for a days work, but I did enjoyseveral hours of whacking at the dirt with a garden take to break up the clods. After my brief plunge into self doubt yesterday, it was good to have a constructive way to blow off my frustration. Will it help me on my way to success? Probably not, but it does help me relax about my own perceived shortcomings so that I can get out of my own way.

~ by Gwydhar Gebien on February 25, 2018.

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