I’ve been struggling lately with a sense of “What’s The Point”. Partly, this is because I’ve been out of my usual routine: for a full week I started work an hour early and (on most days) stayed an hour late. On all the days I commuted to work by car, which meant that I spent two to three hours a day thinking about roads and traffic and zero time thinking about writing, or listening to music and thinking my own thoughts.

And also it rained.

So I suppose it should be no surprise that life took on a feeling of pointlessness. By the time Friday rolled around, I’d worked six days in a five day week and I was so out of energy I went to bed at about nine thirty.

The weekend was slightly more focused: we had some friends over for Saint Patrick’s day, which also meant that the house got cleaned and the backyard got weed whacked. On Sunday we installed a drip irrigation system to our three garden beds- a task that involved digging up the entire pipe in search of a phantom leak and then four separate trips to the hardware store to get pieces to cap off a side line that would only be useful if we wanted to irrigate our compost heap. But we got it done and planted some tomato plants and took one more step towards having an actual backward garden.

On Sunday evening I took the Curmudgeonly Lion on a walking tour of Eataly- a fancypants Italian foods grocery store in a fancypants mall. The walking tour is the way to go, by the way: it’s the kind of store that has three sit down restaurants inside, along with about ten food counters and a wine bar (which, by the way, you can get your wine and then wander around the rest of the store while enjoying it). And the walking tour involved samples. So many delicious samples. It was a good thing we skipped lunch.

So it all ended well, but it was a hell of a slog to get there.

~ by Gwydhar Gebien on March 19, 2018.

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