Like cake during Lent.

My pants were falling down. I wasn’t sure how I was managing to be both over-weight* and yet still have my clothes hanging off me but I was managing it. (*over my usual weight, that is, not medically overweight.)

I think that’s the theme of 2018: managing to be two paradoxical extremes at the same time. Last weekend we did our taxes and were served with a huge, unexpected bill. After a little more research, I discovered that it was because we made too much money: with both of us working full time for the full year we vaulted ourselves into a higher tax bracket than we’d ever reached before. Yay. Boo. Now, we’re making so much money that we’ve frozen our spending and are trying to find those little places where we can economize.

At work, the rush from the Academy Awards is finally dying down, but at a staff meeting today we were warned that: now that things were slowing down, there was a rumor of the hint of the suggestion that there *might* be some changes to the system and it *might* mean quite a lot of overtime in the future. And maybe the need to work a few Saturdays too. Go figure.

If only I could turn this trend to my advantage: I mean, no-one of these paradoxes are bad, per se, but they aren’t exactly good either. I can only hope that they’re good in a character building way. And I can think of lots of ways it could go wrong, but I struggle to think of ways it can go right: maybeI’m just too good at seeing the down side of things. Ahh well.

~ by Gwydhar Gebien on March 29, 2018.

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